Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Paint Quest 1: Orc Arrer Boyz

I think I'm going to approach the sea of gray before me as systematically as possible. To do that I've decided to set painting/building goals per individual unit. Or in the case of this blog, "quest's" because I'm a fantasy nerd and you're a fantasy nerd. It just make's sense!

Paint Quest 1: Orc Arrer Boyz

This one is pretty straight forward. They're already built and primed. My objective's are as follows:
  -Base coat
  -Black wash
  -Fill movement tray gaps
  -Magnetize movement tray

Start date: 12.8.09 Deadline: 1.1.10

It has begun...


Sunday, December 6, 2009

The Gathering Green Storm

The 750 point list that follows is my first attempt at a mixed O&G army. Previously I've played with the Battle for Skull Pass Night Goblin list with the addition of a Spear Chukka. I had some success with the box stock list but am ready to move on to GREENER pastures! I'll be posting the list here for the purpose of taking stock of what need's to be painted built etc... There will be no point values or stat's of any sort. I'll be avoiding too much talk of tactics as I'm still very new. You don't want my insight or advice there..trust me! I'd also like to avoid tipping off my Stuntie opponent and friend John. Who now know's the URL to this blog...

Without further ado the list:

Red-On the Sprue
White-Assembly Underway
Yellow-Painting Underway

1 Black Orc Big Boss
1 Night Goblin Big Boss
23 Orc Boyz
25 Night Goblins
10 Orc Arrers
10 Spider Riders
1 Spear Chukka + Crew

That's all I've got for tonight. In the coming weeks I hope to have this force presentable!

An Introduction

Let me start off by saying that I burn through blogs like nobodies business. I tend to start off quite enthusiastic, blogging just about every day. I think to myself: "must write blog, must have lot's of content." And then... Then I fizzle out. I hope to approach this particular blog differently. The idea this time around being quality over quantity.

If you haven't figured out from the title yet, this is a Warhammer blog. For the most part I will be focusing on the hobby side of the game. However, you can expect to see battle reports from time to time. Update's will usually be pertaining to the status of my very gray and not so built 750 point Orc & Goblin army. In the future I also hope to document the building of terrain and possibly a table. I may even be bold enough to attempt "How To" articles at some point.

If anything, I'm hoping that documenting my progress here will serve as some sort of motivation for me. I'm a lazy modeler and a slow painter! As you will soon discover.

There's more to come in the very near future!