Saturday, April 3, 2010

Back On the Painting Wagon!

While I have been getting weekly battles in I have not been spending nearly enough time modeling or painting. So recently I've dived back into the hobby part of Warhammer. Today's post will just be a quick photo update of what I've worked on in the past month or so.

Orc Boyz: Built, green stuffed, primed and painting progress.

First off, they're finally built with heads et all!! No more will I ruin my buddy John's "immersion."

Next, adding some character to Da Stunty Stompin' Boyz. I've used green stuff to sculpt dwarf bear/head trophies.


WIP paint.

Also in the works, I'm converting a Dwarf cannon into a Spear Chukka. But that will be for the next update. Until then I leave you with a drunken video battle report featuring yours truly, the aforementioned John and brought to you by Harpoon UFO - "It is so delicious!"

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