Thursday, September 23, 2010

Warhammer > On the Painting Table: Black Orc Big Boss II

The going is more than a bit slow. But at least there is some paint on my General! Upon looking at my sea of gray plastic otherwise known as my Orcs & Goblins I realize there is much work ahead of me. And soooo very much fodder for Blood and Sprue!

Anyways, on to the photo's. As you can see I tend to get stuck in one area. I get started with intentions of doing a base coat only and THEN doing my shading, highlights etc... but it rarely works out.

 Please excuse my dust particles. I'm going with some heavily rusted armor for this mounted Waaagh! wailing warrior. It's quite experimental at this point. But I very much like where the look is going.

Feedback is always appreciated folks.

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